Wrongly Judged Quote

Everyone makes judgments about other people, but do you do it to feel better about yourself, or is it just a habit that helps you make decisions? This article has wrongly judged quotes. Some decisions have to be made, like who to hire, which politician to vote for, whether or not to date someone, or whether or not an outfit looks good on you. Without being able to evaluate and choose, you wouldn’t be able to make decisions or know what’s right and wrong. But judging other people can also be harmful if you look for what’s wrong with them or if you spread rumors or say bad things about them. Here are some wrongly judged quotes.

Wrongly Judged Quote

“Judge people to help them improve, not to put them down.”

“The first step toward perfection is when you start to judge yourself.”

“You say you shouldn’t judge other people, but what if you’re wrong?”

“Don’t judge when you hear someone else’s opinion. Make your own decision.”

“When you judge someone, you make an impression on them that will last a lifetime.”

“It’s not a sin to judge unless it hurts someone else.”

“Has it ever occurred to you that we never make decisions about the people we love?”

“Quiet individuals are difficult to judge, yet they are excellent judges.”

“It doesn’t matter if what others think of us is true.”

“Your judgment is useless if you express it rudely.”

“People who commit horrible things hide their faces behind masks so they cannot be judged.”

“When judging someone, first correct them and then judge them.”

“You can’t judge God’s creation; it can’t get much better.”

“You have the choice to act nice or bad; you may believe no one is judging you, but everyone is.”

“Because every human being is born with insecurities and flaws, we have no right to judge at all.”

“Judging someone is simple, but understanding what they are going through is not.”

“You’ll never know what it is by judging it, you’ve got to find the answers on your own.”

“When you are flawless and others evaluate you, it means you are imperfect, and their judgment may be inaccurate as well.”

“Our judgment of an evil person has no effect on the evil.”

“If God is everywhere, why do we humans waste our time judging people?”

“The most prevalent error that every human does is to judge people based on their appearance.”

“We have been taught that we should judge others but not ourselves.”

“Judging someone is the beginning of sin, but correcting someone is the end of that sin.”

“People who are successful are the most judged in the world.”

“Judging others in order to get attention has become a frequent practice in today’s environment.”

“Judge a person only when you are brave enough to change them.”

“Judging someone without knowing the whole story can put you in danger.”

“I recognize that I am not perfect, but that does not give anyone the right to pass judgment on me.”

“Before pointing fingers at others, ensure that you are acting in the best interests of everyone.”

“Perhaps justice is blind, but God’s eyes aren’t.”

“When passing judgment on someone, follow the facts rather than your inclinations.”

“It is not the devil that misguides your judgments, but yourself.”

“Only the powerful God can render the best judgment in the world.”

“Even an experienced man can make the most erroneous decision.”

“You will never be wrong if you judge a man by his behavior.”

“You are the one who allows negative feelings to enter your heart and causes you to make the wrong decision.”

“If you begin criticizing everything in the universe, you will discover that your entire life has been a lie.”

“Your erroneous judgment can lead to another man’s obscenity.”

“I started prospering in life when I stopped caring what other people thought of me.”

“Corruption has reached a tipping point, since even justice may be purchased with money.”

“You make the worst decision by seeing death as a solution to all your problems.”

“One of the barriers that keeps people from making the proper decision is hatred.”

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