First date etiquette

What are first date etiquettes and why are they so important?

Well, the answer to this question is quite simple. A lot of the indications that you’re a great first date comes from how well you maintain etiquette. Dating etiquette is important as the majority of people have a lot of expectations on their first dates, and want the other person to think positively of them and lead to a second date. Eventually,  the first date does not progress to the next, because of a person’s behaviour and conduct reflecting a lack of dating etiquette.

First Date Etiquettes: Look into the eye

 We all hope that our first date turns into something beautiful, so here are some do’s and don’ts with the first date etiquette list.

Things To Do on Your First Date :

  1. Reach on time
  2.  Put efforts in dressing up
  3. Maintain a positive body language
  4. Be kind to people around you
  5. Suggest a second date

Reach on time!

This is obvious. With a lot of individuals not considering timeliness to be a virtue, hence this is towards the top of our list of dating etiquette. Creating a good impression on a first date is crucial about avoiding being late — or, at the absolute least, sending a text to let them know if you are running late. On a first date, it is very impolite to keep the other person waiting. First impressions matter! Being punctual communicates that you respect the other person’s time as well. This helps to get the date started on the right foot.

Put efforts in dressing up

Being yourself is absolutely key on dates,  a little effort in getting ready goes a long way — not to mention, it’s imperative to dress correctly for the environment you’re going to . The goal is that you want to present your finest self. Making an effort to look your best on your first date communicates that you are interested and that it is important to you. Dressing properly gives you confidence, and when you feel good, you’re more likely to create a good impression.

First Date Etiquette - Body Language

Maintain a positive body language

Your date is telling you something important to them, and they notice you looking at other individuals in the restaurant. That is most likely one of the biggest turn-offs. Perhaps your leg is pointed towards the door, giving your date the impression that you want to go quickly. Wasn’t that your intention? Give your date the same amount of attention that you would like for yourself. Making regular eye contact with your date, leaning towards them, and truly smiling at them are all essential components of excellent dating etiquette.

First Date Etiquette - Smile

Be kind to people around you

Treat everyone with respect and decency, whether it’s the waiter at the restaurant or the valet. Being nasty to others and swearing at them demonstrates character shallowness. Nobody likes that. Being kind is always a good idea. If you’re in a restaurant or bar, treat the employees the way you’d like to be treated. There’s nothing more unpleasant than a date who is nasty to the wait staff. It’s not just arrogant, but it also gives your date a feel of what life can be like with you later on. 

First Date Etiquette - Be Kind

Suggest a second date

 There is no harm in suggesting a second date if you both sensed a connection. So take the initiative and tell your date you’d want to go out with them again. The finest thing to do at the conclusion of your first date is to let the other person know your genuine intentions. Follow up with your date through phone call or text message. This is wonderful first date etiquette since it shows that you weren’t just passing the time with them. It will also provide you with an opportunity to evaluate where things stand between the two of you.

First Date Etiquette - Suggest a second date

At the end of the day, only you know how your date is heading. Only you can decide what is appropriate at any given time. If your date appears to be interested in you and a second date appears to be potential, you should embrace it.

Things Not To Do on Your First Date :

  1.  Dig up the past
  2. Use your phone a lot
  3.  Be judgy
  4. Brag

Dig up the past

    The first date could mark the start of something wonderful and meaningful with the other person. You must make certain that you do not bring any baggage from your past to the date. Furthermore, you must not try to dive into your date’s past. Discussing exes before you’ve had a chance to learn about the other person’s romantic likes and dislikes is among the worst dating etiquette. 

First Date Etiquette - Dont dig up the past

Use your phone a lot

Put your phone in your bag or pocket, or, at the very least, face down and away from the table. Responding to messages, phone calls, or checking social media notifications while on a date demonstrates that you are not totally involved in what the other person is saying. 

First Date Etiquette - Dont use your phone a lot

 Be judgy

Leave your prejudices at the entrance. Perhaps your date does or says something that makes you want to pass judgement on them right away. You’re meeting someone for the first time, so there will be things you don’t know about them. If you meet on a dating app, the other person may not be who their profile represents them to be. Even if some features of your date’s personality or life make your mouth drop to the ground, online dating etiquette demands that you should not express your astonishment or surprise.


You may have a long list of accomplishments to brag about. Your job, fancy vehicle, lavish apartment, social standing, educational background…the whole damn world. However, putting it in your date’s face is the worst dating etiquette. Believe us when we say that no one appreciates a braggart. If your date does not match your level of accomplishments, you may leave them feeling undervalued. If their success eclipses yours, you will look like a fool. In any case, if you are more ego than a person, someone searching for a relationship would discard you immediately.

Well, the biggest tip to have a successful first date is to be yourself and enjoy yourself.