What to expect on a first date

What to expect on a first date the first date with someone you know very little about is filled with wonder, excitement, and a lot of expectations. On a first date, a little nervousness is normal — in fact, it’s half the thrill. 

We all have our little dream worlds and dream of having a perfect partner. Each one of us has a different picture of a perfect date. We often have a lot of expectations and sometimes those can be unrealistic. When your date fails to meet your expectation or the mark of your perfect date you seem to think of that as a bad or failed first date. Well, a lot of times that’s not a scenario so here we have a list of realistic and important expectations on a first date.

  1.  Have a good time
  2. Find a good friend
  3. Respect
  4. Basic Date manner
  5. Similar interests
  6.  Expect nothing

Have a good time

You should anticipate spending some time on your first date getting to know each other. Every one like to talk about themselves, so be prepared to listen. You should also be prepared to talk about yourself, especially in a way that indicates that you are at ease and content with who you are. Your date may reveal things about herself that you believe to be deal-breakers for you, but she may also keep you entertained and smiling. Allow yourself to go with the flow and let go of preconceived notions. 

what to expect on a first date- have a good time

Find a good friend

Dates don’t have to be romantic all of the time. They may be romantic for social gatherings. Dates might be between two classmates, closest friends, or housemates. It is not necessary to shake hands, kiss farewell, or have that person drop you off. First dates allow you to get to know someone fresh on a more personal level. We can’t expect to discover everything about someone or fall in love with them after only one date. Sometimes individuals need to go on multiple dates with the same person to evaluate if they’re a good fit. As a result, don’t be disappointed if your first date with someone did not go as anticipated. You may still be friends if the date went well.

what to expect on a first date- find a friend

Seek Respect

You should expect your date to treat you with respect during your time together, no matter what. Don’t be hesitant to tell him if you think he’s being patronising or using language that offends you. If your date is making you uncomfortable to the point that you want to end the date, don’t be scared to speak out. Simply excuse yourself and walk away from the situation. If you need to leave, always have an escape plan in places, such as cab money or a buddy you can call. You should expect your date to treat you with respect during your time together, no matter what. Not only do you pay attention to how your Date treats people around you.

what to expect on a first date- Seek respect

Basic date manner

Expect your date to dress well and maintain eye contact and listen to each other. Nobody is drawn to people who only talk about themselves, and your aim is to get to know the OTHER person while also providing information about yourself. This is a true case of give and take, and it is your actual first impression. The way you act on the first date will reveal a lot about your personality. Be yourself, but bear in mind that someone else is there as well, and they need to feel significant and at ease.

what to expect on a first date - expect basic date manners

Similar interests

That’s a date we’ve all gone on. The one in which the other person spends the entire time talking about themselves and never allows you to say anything, much alone ask you a question. However, after a nice first date, you’ll feel as though you both talked equally. And after a wonderful date, you’ll feel like the other person was truly engaged in what you were saying and you discovered a few common interests.

Expect nothing

When you expect specific things on the first date, you limit your mind to the potential of enjoying the person. You could discover that you have more in common than you anticipated. When you go on a date with an open mind and no expectations, you may find yourself being tried… tested to try new things, to be spontaneous, to view the world through the eyes of someone else. It’s an adventure and intended to be enjoyable, so keep your mind clean and remember that everyone is different and you meet everyone for a purpose… so who knows what will happen at the end of the day? 

When it comes to dating, you have two alternatives that will foretell the outcome before you ever leave the house. Option one is to be cranky, closed-minded, stuck-up, bored, and generally not give the day or date the opportunity to change your attitude about life. Option two: get ready for the day, prepare for your date, wear something comfortable, do something you love but are open to suggestions, maintain an open mind, and last, be yourself. Who knows what will happen tomorrow, but live in the now and enjoy every minute of it because you’re only as young as you are now… now. So, make the most of your own life by going on that date with an open mind, starting your day with a positive attitude, and being cheerful. Follow Bob Marley’s advice and “don’t worry, be happy.” Simply begin living a joyful life for yourself and those you choose to surround yourself with.

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