How To Not Be A Dry Texter

What is it like being a dry texter?

Dry texter means your texts are boring and shows you are least interested to talk to that person. You can’t have a proper conversation or hold a conversation with someone over texts. And this might be a major turn-off for the person you’re talking to.

Are you a dry texter? Let’s find out!

Signs You’re A Dry Texter

  • You don’t text first.
  • You leave people on read.
  • Most of your texts are one-word.
  • You don’t ask questions in return to know that person.
  • no compliments. 
  • You just say ‘okay’ to everything a person is texting you.

And if you can relate to any of the above situations then my friend you’re a certified dry texter.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you let’s see how you can be a better texter.


# 8 Tips On How To Be A Fun Texter

1. Don’t keep them waiting

Replying as soon as possible has a major role in showing that you’re interested to talk to that person. I know we all are busy but do let them know that you are busy and you’ll reach out to them as soon as you’re done.

Don’t forget to get back to them when you are free!

2. Avoid one-worded conversations

If you are replying with just ‘okay’, ‘yes’, ‘cool’, ‘sure’, ‘fine’ then stop doing this right now! One word reply makes the person you’re talking to think you are boring and you don’t want to talk.

Instead ask them questions in return, talk in detail about the topic going on and make that conversation interesting.

3. Use those Emojis!😃

Let texting be fun and spice up your messages with emojis. Plain texts look formal and sometimes misunderstanding can take place when the person is unable to comprehend whether it’s a funny text or a serious one.

It doesn’t matter what your age is, using those emoticons is always a good idea.

Use those emoticons to convey your emotions precisely and you never know what fun it’ll be!

4. Ask questions!

Using questions to keep the conversation going is an amazing option anytime.

It is always better to know more about someone and asking random questions can help you with that. They not only indicate that you’re interested in the person, but they also give a topic to continue.

Asking questions about their family, favourite things, what they do when they have free time, topics of interests etc. can help you find common grounds with that person and you can bond with that.


5. Avoid making it a routine conversation

Remember that the more involved you are in the conversation, the less likely it is to turn into a dry text.

Don’t go on with the same conversation every day like: ‘goodmorning’, ‘how are you, ‘what are your plans’ and ‘goodnight’.

We all know routines are monotonous so how can we let that happen in a conversation with our favourite person?

Tell them about some interesting event that happened with you, connect the ongoing topics to some amazing experiences you had that you’d like to share!

6. Flirt a little to spice up!

Imagine how fun it will be while texting if you know how to flirt a little? flirt a little, tease them a bit and you can make your texting so much fun.

It is definitely gonna be amazing if they smile when you text them.

7. Share something interesting to initiate

Share memes, photos or facts to add an engaging element to your chat.

Be sure you are sharing a relevant and interesting meme that will instantly connect you both.

This way you can never be a boring person or a dry texter!

8. Ask for their opinion

Try to ask them what they think about something specific and it will let you know how they think. Know their opinion about your outfit or ask about some event happening you both know about.

Asking their opinion about something in your life is going to make them feel important and valued. 

By following these points stop being a boring and dry texter. This is definitely gonna get you more friends, connect with people, help with your relationship or even make your crush notice you!

Start enjoying your conversations right away!

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