Self-Control Vs Self-discipline, are they identical?

Self control vs Self discipline

What is self-discipline

Control over your conscious decisions to do or not do, say or not talk, think or imagine at any time is what self-discipline is. Self-discipline refers to the mind’s ability to govern the body. Self-discipline is concerned with conscious judgments about conduct, whereas self-control is concerned with emotions and the things we do reflexively to defend our bodies and egos whenever they are under attack.

Self discipline is a life-style.

What is self-control

Self-control refers to the feelings, behaviors, and reactions that we have learned in this and previous incarnations and that occur automatically when the suitable stimulus is presented.

Self-control does not imply not having emotions, wants, or anxieties, or not being fully immersed in all that happens around you. It is about being in control of oneself regardless of your emotions, thoughts, or bodily sensations.

Self Control -saying no to implulses

It is learning to remain unaffected by them in order to preserve balance, calm, and the capacity to think rationally during any perilous or emotionally intense encounter. Self-control entails exercising control over your reactions and interactions even when you have no control over the circumstance.

The definitions of the two terms are nearly identical. However, psychologically, we can distinguish between the two processes. No, or stop, says self-control. Go, and keep going, says self-discipline.

Self-control requires us to quit doing what we are already doing, sometimes in the middle of it. Self-discipline motivates us to begin and complete new work or endeavors. When we have a second doughnut in our hands, self-control prevents us from devouring it. Self-control prevents us from grabbing the second donut the following time. Habits are challenged by self-control. It opposes emotional comforts for the sake of enjoyment.

Self-discipline requires us to get up and get out of bed. We don’t click the snooze button because we have self-control. We should do something even if we don’t feel like it, according to self-discipline. Whereas irregular is more enjoyable, it demands regularity and forethought. It expects us to fulfill deadlines, produce something, and take responsibility.

How they affect our lives

Self-control is in the moment, self-discipline is a way of life.

Self-sabotage can be avoiding exercising discipline due to a lack of self-control. Inconsistency and inconsistent implementation of the desired discipline might undermine our efforts at self-control due to a lack of self-discipline.

Self-control is more primitive than self-discipline. It frequently refers to eating, smoking, drinking, and other physical pleasures that provide momentary psychological consolation.

Self-discipline is a more advanced use, mainly refers to achievements, future plans, and dreams for wealth and success. It has to do with arriving to work on time and adhering to academic or workplace norms. Helps encourage us to forego some of our present pursuits in order to pursue more fulfilling ones later. Such as the practice of continuing to study throughout one’s life. It has required us to work longer hours in order to enhance our status and boost our revenue. It recommends that we completely finance our retirement plan and avoid incurring credit card debt.

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