Purple Aura: Characteristics and meaning of purple Aura

Have you ever met someone, who right off felt really warm and cheerful, you felt a certain kind of happiness around them, Or have met someone new, instantly got a very icky feeling off them, if you think you are an overthinker but most probably you are a reader of aura.

Auras are thought of as an unseen field of energy, surrounding a person’s physical body. To put it simply aura is a vibrant ray of color composed of energy that flows around any living being. Rooting from the greek word breeze our auras indicate our emotions, mood, and overall our presence and vibe. To know more about it, read more about Aura Meanings.

A person does not have a fixed aura, but it changes on the basis of the situation, the kind of day a person is having, and even according to seasons, but a person one pre a dominant aura like some might red as their dominant aura, you might have a yellow aura, to know more about the yellow aura.

Purple Aura

Characteristics of a person with a purple aura

People with a dominant purple aura tend to be highly sensitive, and highly intuitive, and tend to be more on the introverted side, than the firey side like red. A person with a purple aura usually has a very high emotional quotient. A person with a purple aura with purple aura will think things over, rather than being indecisive and impulsive.

The Purple aura can be easily can be regarded as the most spiritual aura in the entire aura spectrum. Those with purple aura are very much in tune with their soul and body and also with their feelings and emotions and are quick to pick on auras around them. With an endless capacity for personal and spiritual growth, the purple aura is mystic in nature and does not change and shift as fast or easily as other auras can.

People with purple aura absorb all kinds of emotions around them be it happiness, kindness, or even fears, and all kinds of feelings. People with a purple aura on one side of the spectrum could very much be an empath and with a high level of empathy on the other side of the spectrum, they could be a psychic. People with a purple aura are kind and loving, even to the point they will give a people their kindness even when they have understood their intentions might not be clear and give off a rather icky vibe. Mostly being the empath you are, you might find yourself giving too much emotionally and receiving too less or sometimes none in return.

People with purple aura are profound and owing to their spiritual nature they might also be an explorer. Friendship and love come easily to you, but keeping them might not be as easy as finding them, the mystic nature of a person with an aura that draws people to me is the very much which might intimidate their friends or their partner. People with purple are always looking for relationships that have meaning and they have time for something like a fling.

Overall a person with a purple aura is very in tune with their instinct and spiritual side, and mostly a very kind and emphatic person.

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