Thriving with Pride

A workshop for LGBTQIA+ professionals

What to expect:

  • Accept your authentic self at work
  • Navigate barriers to thriving
  • Amplify your authentic voice
  • Actionable practices for resilience

Meet The Experts

Rohan Arora (he/him)

Co-Founder of Evolve; Alum of BITS Pilani and IIM Ahmedabad with over 10 years of leadership experience at Fortune 500 Co’s.

Richa Vashista (she/they)

‘Most Prominent DEl Leader’ by World HRD Congress; 10+ years experience drawing from her own identity as queer & neurodivergent.

Anshul Kamath (he/him)

Cofounder of Evolve; Facilitated Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence programs for 1000s of individuals and leaders globally

Workshop Structure

Part 1: Intro + Your core values (45 minutes)

  • Understand what values are authentic to you and why
  • Discover what you value in your external environment at work
  • Learn how can you build your work life around these values

Part 2: Your barriers to thriving (45 minutes)

Internal barriers

  • Become aware of your own limiting beliefs (perfectionism, imposter syndrome, spotlight effect, internalised homophobia, etc)
  • Learn to reframe your thoughts into powerful empowering beliefs

External barriers

  • Learn to deal with microaggressions, prejudices, etc you face at work
  • Learn to proactively identify triggers and manage your own responses better

Part 3: Dive into a specific challenge – Group activity (30 mins)

Part 4: Your action plan for sustainable change (30 mins)

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