Bear Pride: What Does it Mean & Its Flag

What does “Bear Pride” mean?

A bear is a bigger, frequently hairier guy who embodies raw masculinity in gay culture.

In San Francisco during the 1970s, a hairy guy of any type was called a “bear” until the name was taken by bigger men, at which point new terms like bear pride had to be developed to represent hairy men.

The Bear Flag:

Credits: HeckinUnicorn

The Bear Brotherhood pride flag also known as International Bear Brotherhood Flag was designed in 1995 by Craig Byrnes.

  • The various fur colors of the many species of bears are represented by the following: brown, rust/orange, yellow, tan, white, grey, and black (the animal)
  • The flag’s upper left corner features a black bear paw print to symbolize the bear community better

With bear clubs in several nations, the bear community has become global in scope. Members of bear clubs frequently use them as social and sexual networks, and by participating in fund-raising events and other activities, they may support their local homosexual communities.

Nowadays, the majority of gay-friendly campgrounds host some kind of bear-related activity throughout their operating season. The Bear flag is actually trademarked as per The Bear Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for Those Who Are Husky, Hairy and Homosexual, and Those Who Love ‘Em by Ray Kampf

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