Lipstick Lesbian Flag

What Does Lipstick Lesbian Mean?

The term “lipstick lesbian” refers to a lesbian who demonstrates more typically feminine gender traits, like wearing make-up, dresses or skirts, and possessing other qualities typical of feminine women. 

In contrast to a butch lesbian, who promotes herself as more masculine through grooming and appearance, it refers to a lesbian who displays herself as feminine. Two lesbians can be there with one of them portraying greater femininity (a lipstick lesbian) and the other displaying a more masculine self.

Lipstick Lesbian Flag

The lipstick lesbian pride flag, designed to represent the subgroup of lipstick lesbians, was released by Natalie McCray in 2010.

It has stripes, just like the rainbow pride flag, and it has different shades of pink and purple which are used to represent feminine characteristics. It often has a lipstick stain in the top left corner.

Lipstick Lesbian

Oldest Lesbian Flag

One of the earliest lesbian flags was produced in 1999 by homosexual graphic artist Sean Campbell.

This flag comes in a variety of patterns, but it often has a black upside-down triangle that was formerly a Nazi emblem that lesbians were compelled to wear.

Latest Version Of Lipstick Lesbian Flag

The colors include:

  • dark orange for gender non-conformity
  • orange for independence
  • light orange for the community
  • white for unique relationships to womanhood
  • pink for serenity and peace
  • dusty pink for love and sex
  • dark rose for femininity

Since the previous flag was created by a trans-exclusionary lesbian and was frequently used by transphobic lesbians, this one includes trans women.

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