Neptunic Flag

What Does Neptunic Mean?

A person is referred to as a Neptunic if drawn to both the Nonbinary and Female genders. Those whose sexual orientation is characterized as an attraction to all genders excluding those who identify as male or muscular may find Neptunic relevant.

The word “neptunic” has a rather recent history. The phrase was among the orientations posted on the Tumblr website. Socialjusticeichigo, a Tumblr user, was able to coin a phrase that rapidly appealed to genderqueer and fluid individuals.

Nobody’s appearance, behavior, or physical appearance may suggest if they are a neptunic. This is true for neptunic people just as it is for people of any gender or sexual orientation; none of these traits can reveal anything about how someone identifies.

About The Neptunic Flag

The Neptunic flag features a basic representation of the planet Neptune in the middle and a variety of blue hues. As a shorthand for nomascsexual, Tumblr user socialjusticeichigo coined the phrase “neptunic” on August 31, 2017. In 2017, on September 17, they created the neptunic flag. 

A different neptunic flag was produced by Twitter user strwbryfemme on or before July 4, 2021. The flag’s creator also created a four-stripe variant of the flag with the same intent—to increase contrast for paintings. 

Neptunic Flag
Source: Sexuality Wiki

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