Demigirl: What Does It Mean? Who is a Demigirl?

Anyone can feel a connection to or identification with a wide variety of gender identities and sexual orientations.

A few sexual orientations and gender identities may go unrecognised if you aren’t familiar with LGBTQ+ culture or the queer community because of a lack of representation in mainstream media. More and more terms have been popularised over time to represent the emotions and experiences of queer people.

Demigirl is one such term. Unfortunately, it is one of the gender identities that is most misunderstood, so we’ll talk about what it means to be a demigirl, talk about the demigirl pride flag and its colours.

What Does Demigirl Mean?

A demigirl is a person who, despite the gender they were assigned at birth, partially identifies as a woman, girl, or another feminine identity. In addition to connecting to gender duties or conventions of being a girl or woman, they may or may not also identify as another gender.

Demiwoman, demilady, and demifemale are other names for demigirls. This person might have been given the gender of female at birth but feels only a little bit linked or unconnected to that identity. However, to be a demigirl, a person does not need to physiologically resemble a girl or woman.


The major trait of a demigirl is that, despite feeling different from their assigned gender, they do not experience dysphoria or other unpleasant feelings. This is not how it would feel for a transgender person who wants to modify their appearance in order to feel more at ease with their identity.

A person who was given the gender of a man at birth, identifies as transfeminine, and rejects the binary can be referred to as a demigirl. In a physical or social sense, they might feel far more at home as females than as men. The desire to change one’s gender or to identify as a woman in order to fulfil a gender role may not be as strong for someone who was given the male gender at birth but yet identifies as a demigirl.

Demigirl Pride Flag

The majority of queer identities have a flag of their own to represent them. The gender neutrality that is a significant part of being a demigirl is symbolised by the demigirl pride flag. It is meant to represent the sensation of gender confusion and questioning.

Demigirl Pride Flag

While the other colours (shades of grey) signify the possibility of more genders than just the two on the binary spectrum, the pink stripes stand for femininity. There are many of possibilities for demigirls. White represents adherence to the non-binary category.

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