Talking Stage

So you kinda have a crush on this person and finally, you get to know them. You two are now talking frequently—possibly even daily. You don’t actually discuss the relationship part or ‘what are we’ but it’s all butterflies every day. So now it’s safe to say that your talking stage is going well. But what do we mean by the talking stage of a relationship?

What is the talking stage?

The talking stage can be defined as the early stage of relationships. In this stage, you get to know about the likes, dislikes, and mutual interests of the person. When you first start talking to someone, you get to know them but aren’t sure if you’re interested in them. Although you are confident enough to seek a relationship with them, you are not yet sure enough to start dating them. 

This can be confused with dating as it is obvious but the talking stage is the period before you actually start dating. Some people may begin dating, while others won’t, but the talking stage is important for getting to know your partner and their views.

The talking stage became more alive during the covid isolation. Talking was an essential part of relationships because of the restrictions of distance and the difficulty of meeting in person.

Therefore, it was simple to keep talking with someone without actually labeling it. You should use this period to get to know each other. Although you won’t necessarily express your feelings, you will know if you do.

How Long Should The Talking Stage Last? / How Long You Should Take?

well. There’s no straightforward answer to this. This depends on person to person. Hinge says that usually their users take the conversion off the app in about 5 days post first talking so that should be a signal.

The talking stage might be casual for one person and frustrating for another. It may be frustrating that while having feelings, you don’t normally express them throughout the talking stage. On the other hand, some individuals prefer to get to know their partners thoroughly and understand whether they are a good match for one another by spending some time with them.

If you set high expectations during the talking stage, that might disappoint you as there is no actual commitment here. 

Talking Stage

There are a few things you should keep in mind before you set high expectations from the talking stage.

Although the talking stage can be mistaken for dating, it actually refers to the time before two people begin a romantic relationship. It is one that could come before a committed relationship or one that could continue into a situationship.

Make sure you define the following things in your talking stage:

  1. Do not keep unnecessary expectations from your partner 
  2. Clear communication
  3. Try to know as much about them as you can
  4. Define your boundaries 
  5. Be sure how long you want this talking stage to exist 

Enjoy your talking stage while it lasts however frustrating it might be. This time won’t come back.

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