Simple Ways To Boost Self Esteem – How To Build Self Confidence

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem, self-confidence, self-image. These words have taken the focus of every human being on this wide Universe. A few decades ago, people were unfamiliar with the vocabulary of Mental wellness. The past decade has seen it emerging as the fulcrum of our very being. It is part of the curriculum in schools, colleges and working environments too! This article will help you with ways to improve self esteem.

boost self-esteem to make the world a better place

What causes low self-esteem?

Before I go ahead advising you to boost your self-esteem, it is essential to know the causes of low self-confidence in a person. Let us do a quick touch and go off the reasons without delving into the details. It is unfortunate if yours may be one or more of them.

There are many causes of developing low self-esteem. Few are listed here.

  • Disintegrated family, bossy boss
  • Bad influencing friends
  • Break-up, divorce
  • Physical abuse /trauma
  • Failing grades in school
  • Bullied as a child

Here are some more signs of low self-confidence

Now that you know the cause, you can always wade across it to reach out for solutions. So congratulations to you for accepting to change yourself for the better!

Ways to improve self-esteem and build confidence:

  1. Consistency is key
  2. Old habits die hard
  3. Self-grooming
  4. Take a break
  5. Spend time with yourself
  6. Affirmations

Consistence-the key

Boosting one’s self-esteem is not a can of Spinach that you gulp down and end up being the strongest or a la Popeye. It takes a lot of modifications and consistency in your daily routine. You should be mindful and follow the advice without fail, to boost your self-confidence.

There is no one single habit to follow that can lead you to develop high self-esteem. There are daily habits in the morning and before sleep time. It is not mandatory that you should adopt all the advice listed here. Try out all of it and then make a habit of what works for you. Look up our app for more and similar habits to help you get into the groove.

Old habits die hard

Let go of old habits
way to self-Esteem-let go old habits

None of us is born with a low or a high self-image. It is somewhere in the walk of life and the different encounters we have had that develops an image of ourselves. This image has been living in the shadows all these years with you.  The habit of looking at yourself very lowly; the habit of irrational, negative, self-talk must leave you. The first and foremost task to take on is to accept this fact and consciously move ahead of it all. Self-grooming

habit to self-Esteem-Personal grooming

Every morning, when you get out of your bed (read pull yourself out), take a good look at yourself in the mirror. See what you see. Be non-judgemental. Utter a “Good morning.” Yes, do it! Fake it, to make it! Give yourself a good wash. Choose the bright-colored clothes to wear. Brush your hair. If you do use perfumes or lip color, I urge you to use them. Remember, you look good-you feel good-you look good! The most important activity here is to smile. It may seem awkward to start with. Eventually, this will become a habit to boost self-esteem. Smiles bring people together. It is a simple habit to make you feel better and elevate your self-confidence.

Take some quiet time off  for yourself

way to self-esteem-silence

Choose a place to sit in silence. Do nothing. The best place few of my acquaintances vouch for, is the washroom. Sit quietly. Watch your thoughts. Watch them bounce in and out of your mind. Take care not to travel with them. If it is not a good thought about yourself, change to a cheerful thought. You just need to let go of words with a ‘not’. If your thought process is about making friends…”. Replace the thought with “I am good at making friends…” It is the same with fear of failure. Replace the ‘I can’t ‘negative self-talk with an ‘I can’ self-talk.

Ask yourself, ‘Who am I’?

Journaling - Easiest way to build self esteem
way to self-esteem-Journaling

One of the best habits to boost your self-esteem is to answer the question to yourself- “Who Am I?” Here’s how you do it.

  • You can use a journal, or a notepad, or on your phone. The motive is to reach out to the list when you tend to slide down the self-confidence quotient.
  • List down all your accomplishments so far; no accomplishment is negligible. Remember, a win is neither big nor small. Think of all the obstacles you have overcome. It doesn’t matter if it is the latest or ages ago.
  • List your physical assets. It is ok if you are not tall or do not have an hourglass figure. Acknowledge it.
  • Jot down your likes, your hobbies, your favourite food.

The lists can go on. Keep it cheerful. These are your go-to, to boost your self-esteem.

Practice Affirmations

Love yourself - simple way to build self esteem
simple way to self-esteem-love yourself

Affirmations are positive self-talk. They are sentences that have a positive, appreciative feel to it. They fine-tune your thought process daily. Affirmations play a very major role in enhancing your self-image. They boost a sagging self-confidence in an enormous manner. You can pick your affirmations from the list here. Repeat them loud enough to hear yourself. Never let go of this instant boost and a powerful means to a confident you.

  •  I am good enough
  • I accept myself
  • I am calm
  • I am beautiful
  • I am loved and lovable
  • I love my life
  • I love myself
  • I forgive myself
  • I am grateful
  • My mind, body and soul are in perfect harmony with each other.

Another effective way to get you into the habit is to write them on sticky notes. Stick them on your mirror. One in your fridge may be. Stick them at your work. It is one tool that should be a habit inculcated for a lifetime.

To sum up

You possess an amazing ability to make good use of this article and go ahead to inculcate habits to boost your self-esteem. Choose not to continue to waddle in this muck of self-talk that you do not have self-confidence and turn the wheel of beliefs to your favor.

Build self esteem in 5 ways
ways to self-esteem-leads to awesomeness in life

By practising the simple habits listed above, I believe that your competence will hit a new high. You will become more assured of yourself and of your skills. Your attitude will define your altitude.

Evolve App

While you are stoked about my advice on boosting your self-image, you can download the EvolveApp on mental wellness to support you in your tryst with forming habits to boost your self-esteem. The Evolve App has guided Meditation which is one of the ways to boost Self-Esteem.

In the meantime, you can connect with me in the comment box about your experience and your way to help boost self-confidence.

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