Trixic Flag & Sexuality

  • Trixic Flag & Sexuality

    Trixic Flag & Sexuality

    Trixic often refers to non-binary people who are drawn to women. For non-binary people, this connection to femininity may be romantic or sexual. Enby people who are drawn to women are also referred to as orbisian. Trixic may include those who are not only drawn to women. Whether or not they are drawn to males or…

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  • Man Love Man Flag

    Man Love Man Flag

    The gay man flag or man love man flag is a pride flag that has undergone revisions over time, much like other pride flags do. For instance, the original had a white stripe in the middle and horizontal stripes in various colours of blue. Origins of Gay Man Flag People believed that the initial version of…

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  • Neptunic Flag

    Neptunic Flag

    What Does Neptunic Mean? A person is referred to as a Neptunic if drawn to both the Nonbinary and Female genders. Those whose sexual orientation is characterized as an attraction to all genders excluding those who identify as male or muscular may find Neptunic relevant. The word “neptunic” has a rather recent history. The phrase…

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  • Bear Pride: What Does it Mean & Its Flag

    Bear Pride: What Does it Mean & Its Flag

    What does “Bear Pride” mean? A bear is a bigger, frequently hairier guy who embodies raw masculinity in gay culture. In San Francisco during the 1970s, a hairy guy of any type was called a “bear” until the name was taken by bigger men, at which point new terms like bear pride had to be…

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  • Lipstick Lesbian Flag

    Lipstick Lesbian Flag

    What Does Lipstick Lesbian Mean? The term “lipstick lesbian” refers to a lesbian who demonstrates more typically feminine gender traits, like wearing make-up, dresses or skirts, and possessing other qualities typical of feminine women.  In contrast to a butch lesbian, who promotes herself as more masculine through grooming and appearance, it refers to a lesbian…

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  • Genderfluid Flag

    Genderfluid Flag

    Genderfluid Flag – a flag that has likely been flown at several pride celebrations all throughout the world, from Stockholm to New York City…and everywhere in between! JJ Poole(they/them), a transgender pansexual from New York state who fights for those who don’t fit into heteronormative culture, created the Genderfluid Pride Flag in 2012. The genderfluid…

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  • Polyamorous Flag & Poly Pride Flag Meaning

    Polyamorous Flag & Poly Pride Flag Meaning

    Most of us are aware of the typical rainbow flag to symbolise gay pride, there are many more LGBTQ+ pride flags just like the polyamorous flags, that we are unaware of used to represent different sexualities and relationship dynamics. What do polyamory and polyamorous flags mean? With each other’s consent, a polyamorous individual wishes or…

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  • Enby Flag | Binary Pride Flag Meaning

    Enby Flag | Binary Pride Flag Meaning

    The Enby flag is the non-binary (pride) flag. An enby is a nonbinary individual within the LGBTQ community. It is a phonetic pronunciation of nonbinary, often known as those who do not identify as either male or female. The enby flag was designed by Kye Rowan in 2014.  Meaning behind the colours of Enby Flag:  Yellow…

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  • All Pride Flags

    All Pride Flags

    Any flag that represents a subset or element of the LGBT community is considered a pride flag. In this context, “pride” alludes to the idea of homosexual pride. Queer flag and the LGBT flag are frequently used interchangeably. Agender Pride Flag People who describe themselves as gender-neutral or non-binary. Literally, the word “agender” means “without…

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  • Omni Flag & Omnisexuality Flag Meaning

    Omni Flag & Omnisexuality Flag Meaning

    The first Omnisexual flag or Omni flag did not debut until 2015, despite the fact that the idea of omnisexuality has been present since the 1990s. However, there have consistently been a lot of inquiries concerning the meaning of the flag. Read the article to know more about the Omni Flag. What Does Omnisexual Mean?…

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  • Sapphic Flag & Sexuality Meaning

    Sapphic Flag & Sexuality Meaning

    You may have seen the sapphic flag or heard the phrase “sapphic” mentioned, but do you know what it refers to? Be at ease! Here is a summary of what it means to be a sapphic, the history of the name, and a description of the sapphic flag. Sapphic meaning A woman or person who…

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  • Unlabeled Sexuality Flag

    Unlabeled Sexuality Flag

    The unlabeled flag is used to represent people who prefer not to have their gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other identity constrained to a single category or language and refer to themselves as “unlabeled” or “no label”. Unlabeled is a catch-all phrase that applies to anyone who prefers to exist without labels or descriptions.…

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  • Aromantic Flag – All You Need To Know

    Aromantic Flag – All You Need To Know

    The aromantic flag, one of several LGBTQ+ pride symbols, stands for those who are not attracted to others romantically. There are several designs for the aro flag, just as the pansexual and lesbian flags. A unique work of visual art and a separate artist are hidden behind each design. However, there aren’t many differences in…

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